Consumer Electronics

Department refers daily Consumer life use of electronic products.It is a specific household appliance with electronic components that are often used for entertainment, communications and clerical purposes such as telephones, audio equipment, television,DvdPlayers and even electronic clocks. Consumer electronics products in the worldare manufactured, focusing especially on the low-cost production areas of mainland China.

An important feature of consumer electronics is that they all have a tendency to lower prices over time. This is due to the efficiency of manufacturers and the improvement of technology, so that consumer electronics can continue to introduce new products. Semiconductor-related electronic products, such as computer equipment,are compliance Moore’s law, that is, in the same Price, every 18 After a month, the product performance will be increased by one times. However, this has prompted many consumers to regularly replace the consumer electronics products, the problem of electronic waste.

  • Volume of goods :

In addition to volume-related large household appliances OutsideMostly towards the frivolousShort Development. For easy portability or use.

  • Automated :

such as single-Touch manipulation (One Touch), Fuzzy logic (Fuzzy logicTo simplify the operation of the user.

  • Energy-saving design :

Because of standby (Standby Power) still need to consume5-10%of energy. So by improving the design of the circuit, the power consumption will be reduced with the standby mode.

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