Semiconductor(SemiconductorRefers to a material that is electrically conductive and can be controlled from an insulator to a conductor. The importance of semiconductors is enormous, both in terms of technology and economic development. Today, most of the electronic products, such as calculators, The core units in mobile phones or digital recorders are closely related to semiconductors. The common semiconductor materials are silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, etc. and Silicon is one of the most influential types of semiconductor materials in commercial applications.

Sil-more Industrial Co., Ltd. in the existing bracket type(Lead Frame Base)and Baseplate type(Substrate Base)Packaging already has a comprehensive package of packaging solutions, today to meet advanced packaging and higher-order product technology applications, its product line includes DOWSIL,Xiameter,Protavic,Yincae,Panaxem,AOS and other international well-known plastic material suppliers.

Product application: Solid Crystal AdhesiveDie Attach (Electrical conductivity and insulation)/Chip Protection AdhesiveDie Coating、Encapsulant (Insulation)/Thermal Conductive Packaging AdhesiveThermal Interface Material (Electrical conductivity and insulation)/Metal cover ThenLid Seal、Attach (Electrical conductivity and insulation)/Temporary protection AdhesiveWafer Temporary Bonding (Insulation)/Bottom filling glueUnder Fill、Epoxy Flux (Insulation)/Sintered silver glue and new type tin pasteNew sintering Silver Glue and solder Paste (Conductive)。

Sil-more Industrial Co., Ltd. Professional plastic material Agents, not only consider the semiconductor industry front-end packaging plastic applications, but also to assist customers can perform rapid analysis of anomalies, while providing Dynaloy except the glue and the glue removal liquid (Remover/stripper) to clear cured Epoxy, Silicone, PU, Acrylicand so on, to facilitate accurate analysis of customers. In the global industrial layout, and strategic partner KraydenOverseas market cooperation can provide customers and end customers with a more seamless global sales network services.

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