Professional Integrated Total Solutions

Sil-More not only about the application of glues materials, we can provide technical consultation for the adjustment of the glues material formula, the selection of equipment and the method of process operation, to solve the problems.

UV Development

Sil-More have a research and development center, which mainly researches and develops UV glue products. If customers have any problems in the application of UV glue, we can assist in the development.

Custom Labeling

Sil-More is able to provide custom labeling and product document, such as Technical Data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets, reports on testing, let our customer Purchase operation more easily.

product testing

Sil-More has his own laboratory. when you have any doubts about the use of the product, we can arrange experiments for your doubts so that you can fully understand the effectiveness of the product.

Premiere Customer Service

Quality service is the way to last business corporation It is our core value. With the accumulation of a responsible logistics center team and enthusiastic and proactive customer service representatives, customers can experience high-quality service quality.