Solar Energy

Solar power is a new renewable energy.

The broad sense of solar energy is the source of many of the Earth’s energy, such as wind, chemical energy, water potential energy. Fossil fuels can be called ancient solar energy. The solar energy resource is rich, and does not need to transport, to the environmental pollution low.Solar energy for mankind to create a new form of life, so that society and human beings into a saving energy to reduce pollution in the era.

Solar TechnologyDivided into active(Active type)and passiveTwo kinds of (passive)

Active: Solar photovoltaic and light heat conversion, using electricity or mechanical equipment for solar energy collection, and these devices are dependent on external energy operation.

Passive: Introduction of sunlight for illumination in buildings, in which the use of building design, selection of materials used to achieve the purpose of the use of solar energy, because the operation does not need to be external to provide power.

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