Dongwha Electrolyte have been supplying the electrolyte of best quality since the establishment and strengthen the status as specialty chemical company based on excellent technology.

In addition, they are committed to continuous quality innovation and R&D in order to repay customer trust. They devise from the existing framework and present new alternatives to their products to customers, thereby accelerating the creation of Blue Ocean.

In particular, they are strengthening our environmentally friendly image by applying existing products to eco-friendly fields and researching new products. They are also striving to discover new growth engines through continuous challenges in high-tech fields such as thin film materials.

Based on knowledge management, Dongwha Electrolyte will do its best to establish a framework for innovation, lead change through creation, and grow into a company trusted by both customers and shareholders through ethical management.

STARSHIELD® GS-SG6001A is a one component, electrically conductive silicone paste, cured by moisture in the air. The cured material is highly elastic and electrically conductive, and thus suitable for form-in-place gasketing application in EMI shielding. The material offers excellent shielding effectiveness and good adhesion to various conductive substrates including metalized plastics, die-cast, and metallic substrates.

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