SOLVAY Amodel® PPA (Polyphthalamide)

  • High long-term thermal performance
  • Fastest crystallization for very fast cycle times
  • High elongation

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SOLVAY Amodel® PPA (Polyphthalamide) has been used in automotive, electronicsconsumer, and industrial applications. Amodel® has a long history of replacing metals (die cast Al and Mg) in a range of automotive applications, including thermostat housings, clutch cylinders, charge air coolers, heater cores and water pumps. Select grades with food contact and drinking water approval have enabled metal replacement in small appliances and plumbing components.

Amodel® polyphthalamide (PPA) is a family of high-temperature polyamides that retain their high strength and stiffness up to 280°C. They maintain mechanical integrity after thousands of hours at elevated temperatures and in high humidity and chemically aggressive environments.

With a high melting point over 300°C, Amodel® PPA enables electronic processes and assembly including surface mount technology (SMT), IR reflow soldering, and overmolding of metals.





Market application

Automotive Electronics, Consumer Electronics, General Industry

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