SOLVAY KetaSpire® PEEK (Polyetheretherketone)

  • Exceptional chemical resistance to organics, acids and bases
  • Very good wear and abrasion resistance
  • Best-in class fatigue resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Excellent resistance to hydrolysis in boiling water and superheated steam
  • Superior dielectric with low loss at high temperatures and frequencies
  • Ease of processing
  • High purity

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SOLVAY KetaSpire® PEEK offers the best combination of fatigue resistance and chemical resistance. PEEK chemical resistance is similar to that of PPS (polyphenylene sulfide). However, PEEK can operate at higher temperatures and retains its excellent mechanical properties at continuous-use temperatures up to 240 °C (464 °F), allowing it to replace metal in severe end-use environments. Glass fiber-reinforced and carbon-fiber-reinforced grades, as well as specialty grades, provide a wide range of performance options.

These properties make it well-suited for applications in many areas, including additive manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, healthcare, oil & gas, and semicon.





Market application

Automotive Electronics, Biomedical, General Industry, Semiconductor

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