Sil-More Group’s research and development team introduces the innovative “UV-SIL Bio-Based UV Cure Adhesive.” With over 60% of bio-based ingredients, including soy-based epoxy replacing petrochemical materials, this product has obtained SGS testing reports. Furthermore, the series utilizes UV curing mechanisms, enhancing process efficiency and reducing energy consumption. It stands as the top choice for environmentally friendly electronic adhesive materials.

UV-SIL X-8039-BO

  • One part.、Translucent
  • Viscosity 78,000mPa.s
  • Hardness Shore D55
  • Temperature resistance-40°C ~100°C
  • BioBased carben >60%,with SGS testing report
  • Suitable for bonding optical modules, sensors, 3C components, and electronic circuits

Product Introduction Video