TWNC has a professional nano material research and development team, professional researchers have backgrounds in organic, inorganic synthesis, polymer science engineering, physical property simulation, measurement and optoelectronic applications. The basic core skills are mainly for the mass production of high-quality nanoparticle synthesis including magnetic oxide nanoparticles, metal nanoparticles, quantum dots and other related nanomaterials, and the application of nanomaterials with customers.

TWNC R&D team continues to devote itself to the research and development of nano materials, to reduce costs and develop new products with advanced manufacturing technology, and to provide high quality and reasonable price nano materials for academic, research and development, and optoelectronic industry manufacturers. Meet the needs of customization. TWNC firmly believe that to provide customers with excellent services and solutions based on integrity and professionalism is the cornerstone of a sustainable enterprise. Growing together with TWNC are customers and enhancing their international competitiveness is our goal.

Quantum dot product solutions provide quantum dot polymer dispersants and quantum dot film. It is applied to the miniaturization and high NTSC requirements required for the development of next generation display technologies.

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