NANO TOP EMI Shielding Sealant Strip Solution

Advanced technology equipment demands enhanced EMI shielding and environmental adaptability. Sil-More recommends the “NANO TOP EMI Shielding Sealant Strip Solution.” This series of materials, produced through a special composite process, effectively prevent interference from electromagnetic waves and the environment on the equipment, significantly improving product reliability and stabilit


  • Special composite process: Simultaneously possesses a conductive layer and a highly elastic non-conductive layer
  • Environmental adaptability: Operating temperature range (-50°C~160°C), resistant to salt spray corrosion.
  • EMI shielding effectiveness:0.3~20GHz 110 Db
  • Flame retardant:UL 94 HB
  • Mold resistance :Complies with GB/T 2423.16 standard
  • Ozone resistance cracking: Complies with GB/T 7762 standard, without cracks and no loss of mechanical properties.


  • Suitable for EMI shielding and waterproof enclosure sealing applications in electronic devices, such as:
  • High-frequency outdoor communication equipment
  • Satellites, radars for aerospace and aviation in navigation and space exploration
  • Medical diagnostic instruments
  • Autonomous driving assistance systems

【Product appearance】