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Green Product High-performance Epoxy Resin Electronic Materials.

Sil-More Group recommends Everwide 7391 epoxy adhesive, a fast-curing two-component epoxy adhesive. It can quickly cure at room temperature, making it convenient to use and reducing processing time. The adhesive exhibits excellent adhesion after curing and provides resistance to grease, chemicals, and solvents. 【Product Features】 Provides excellent adhesion on plastic, ceramic, glass, and metal materials. […]

NANO TOP EMI Shielding Sealant Strip Solution

Advanced technology equipment demands enhanced EMI shielding and environmental adaptability. Sil-More recommends the “NANO TOP EMI Shielding Sealant Strip Solution.” This series of materials, produced through a special composite process, effectively prevent interference from electromagnetic waves and the environment on the equipment, significantly improving product reliability and stabilit 【Feature】 Special composite process: Simultaneously possesses a […]

NANO TOP EMI Shielding Sealant Strip Solution

Sil-More「NANO TOP EMI增強密封條解決方案」。此系列材料採用複合材料特殊製程生產,有效防止電磁波和環境對設備的干擾,顯著提高產品的可靠性和穩定性。 【特徵】 特殊複合製造製程:同時擁有導電層和高彈性非導電層 環境預期:工作溫度範圍(-50℃~160℃),耐鹽霧腐蝕。 EMI表現:3~20GHz 110 Db 軸線:UL 94 HB 防黴性:符合GB/T 2423.16標準 耐擊開裂:符合GB/T 7762標準,無裂紋,機械性質不損失。 【應用】 適用於電子設備中的EMI抑制和防水外殼密封應用,例如: 高階室外通訊設備 航空航太導航與太空探索中的衛星、雷達 醫療診斷儀器 自動駕駛輔助系統 【產品外觀】