EV Charging Station Thermoplastic Composite Solutions

Solve the challenges of EV charging station plastics with SIL-MORE’s “EV Charging Station Thermoplastic Composite Solutions.” We offer a one-stop plastic solution covering plugs, cables, charging guns, and housings to meet various thermoplastic composite needs. This accelerates product design and development, ensuring excellent performance and reliability.

[Plastic Applications]

Wall-mounted charging station housings

  • Material: PC
  • Weather resistance (UL 746C F1), flame resistance (UL 94 5VA)
  • Combined mechanical performance and high heat resistance
  • Applications: Electronic equipment housings and covers

Charging Gun Nozzle

  • Material: PA6+GF
  • Weather resistance: UL 746C F1、Flame resistance: UL 94 HB
  • Superior impact performance
  • Passed one-meter drop and crush tests
  • Applications: Connectors, power tool housings

Wiring Harness Plug

  • Material: TPV, TPE
  • High Oil resistance & High Chemical resistance
  • Weather resistance: UL 746C F1、Flame resistance: UL 94 V0
  • Stable at high and low temperatures
  • Strong adhesion to nylon substrates
  • Applications: Nylon overmolding products