Green Product High-performance Epoxy Resin Electronic Materials.

Sil-More Group recommends Everwide 7391 epoxy adhesive, a fast-curing two-component epoxy adhesive. It can quickly cure at room temperature, making it convenient to use and reducing processing time. The adhesive exhibits excellent adhesion after curing and provides resistance to grease, chemicals, and solvents.

Product Features

  • Provides excellent adhesion on plastic, ceramic, glass, and metal materials.
  • Exhibits initial strength quickly, allowing the next process to start in approximately 20 minutes.
  • Can be heated to 80°C to shorten curing time, reducing work time and improving process efficiency.
  • Thixotropic index of 3.5 @ 25°C, convenient to use.
  • Temperature resistance range: -40 to 130°C.
  • The cured surface does not appear oily and has a low gloss.
  • Complies with the 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations and has the UL94V-0 flammability certification.

Resin Specifications

  7391A 7391B
Color Black Milky White
Viscosity @25/S14 10rpm, cps 86,000 89,500
Viscosity @40/S14 10rpm, cps 33,900 35,700
Viscosity @50/S14 10rpm, cps 17,600 20,800

Curing Conditions

Mixing ratio A:B, weight ratio 1:1
Tack-free time @25, min 2~3
Full curing time @25, days 3
Full curing time @80, hr 1

Product Specifications

  • Available in 50ml and 400ml syringe options to meet various application needs.