Dow Chemical – Optical Panel Bonding OCR Solution

Sil-More Group recommends Dow Chemical’s Optical-Grade Liquid Silicone Rubber for the ‘Dow Chemical – Optical Panel Bonding OCR Solution,’ suitable for bonding outdoor and automotive display panels. Compared to OCA, OCR requires no cutting and is easy to degas, accommodating various panel sizes. After prolonged exposure to thermal changes and sunlight, it maintains excellent optical performance, making it the most reliable panel bonding material.

【Product Features】

DOWSIL™ VE-6001 UV_T Optical Bonding

  • One-part
  • Solventless
  • UV curable
  • Self-level
  • Transmittance 99%、Refractive Index 1.53

DOWSIL™ VE-1203H Gel

  • Two-part
  • Low temperature cure 70℃
  • Soft and high elongation
  • Transmittance 99%

Effects of using Optical Bonding (OCR) on light