KYZEN Electronic-Grade Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Looking for an environmentally certified electronic-grade cleaner?

The professional team at SIL-MORE Group recommends “KYZEN Electronic-Grade Eco-Friendly Cleaner.” This product has received GreenScreen Gold certification, is free from EU REACH SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern), is non-flammable, and non-corrosive. It helps prevent environmental pollution and health hazards, making it an essential high-efficiency green cleaner for the electronics industry.

KYZEN E5631J Water-base solder paste cleaning

  • Water-base,Completely soluble in water.
  • Extremely low volatility, significantly reducing loss due to volatilization
  • VOC<131g/L
  • Extremely low GWP, ozone layer-friendly.
  • Compatible with common steel sheet materials, cleaning,and screen printing equipment materials.
  • Used for cleaning uncured solder paste, improving PCB manufacturingprocess quality.
CYBERSOLV C8882 Solvent-based flux cleaning

  • Solvent-based, mild odor, non-irritating.
  • Fast drying, leaves no residue.
  • VOC<875.6g/L
  • Used to clean uncured SMT adhesive or flux