YRD Nano-Silicon Composite Thermal Insulation Sheet

Promoting electric vehicles (EVs) is a crucial strategy for countries worldwide to expedite the achievement of their net-zero goals. SIL-MORE GROUP Recommended Thermal Runaway Protection Material for Power and Storage Batteries: YRD Nano-Silica Composite Insulation Sheet. It effectively prevents thermal runaway of the battery cells, significantly enhancing safety. In the event of thermal runaway in one cell, the Nano-Silicon Composite Thermal Insulation Sheet between the cells acts as a barrier, blocking the heat-transfer to adjacent cells and preventing thermal runaway. It avoids the domino effect of thermal runaway in lithium-ion battery cells.


  • Withstands 1200℃ with excellent fire resistance, preventing thermal runaway and extending burn-through time.
  • Superior insulation, high-temperature resistance, heat insulation, flame retardancy, and cushioning.
  • Thin, space-saving, and cost-effective.
  • Made from eco-friendly inorganic materials.


Operating temperature (Max.) 1,200
Density 350±30 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity @25℃ <0.025 W/m·k
Thermal conductivity @800℃ <0.035 W/m·k
Thickness 0.5~5 mm
Insulation resistance >500MΩ @1000V DC,60S,
Withstand voltage current <1mA @3000V DC,60S,

Lithium-ion Battery Actual Puncture Test (NCM622/115Ah)

Evaluate the thermal insulation performance of YRD Nano-Silicon Composite Thermal Insulation Sheet under real conditions.

Insulation Sheet under real conditions.

Test result:

YRD Nano-Silicon Composite Thermal Insulation Sheet Thickness is 2mm。

The highest temperature of T2 is 706.8℃, the highest temperature of T3 is 241.3℃, and ΔT= 465.5℃.

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