ARALDITE® 2011 Two-Component Epoxy Adhesive

SIL-MORE GROUP has been the agent for the ARALDITE® brand, which has a 70-year history of applications. This brand offers a wide range of bonding solutions.

SIL-MORE GROUP recommends the ARALDITE® 2011 Two-Component Epoxy Adhesive. This product is a high-flow adhesive and a reliable encapsulation material. It has low viscosity and a long open time, which helps avoid bubbles and ensures that encapsulated switches are completely sealed without gaps. It also boasts excellent self-leveling and dynamic impact resistance properties.

Product Advantages:

  • Can bond various metals and plastics
  • Excellent resistance to dynamic loads
  • Superior self-leveling properties
  • Low shrinkage

SIL-MORE GROUP has industry-leading laboratories to conduct product testing and has established its own R&D center. With over 25 years of professional experience and continuous acquisition of new knowledge, we innovate and develop the latest industry-leading products. We can help you find the most suitable solution!